1. General

o „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ (also herein referred to as the “Company” or “we”) will endeavour to provide a service to you with reasonable care and skill. Your safety and enjoyment are our prime concern. We want to help you achieve your objectives and have as much fun as possible in a safe environment.

o When you purchase a „Slidinėjimo Akademija“product or a Voucher from „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ or a voucher provided by an external provider, you become legally bound by these Terms and Conditions. Please do not proceed and book or purchase a „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ product or complete a booking until you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions. By making a booking at „Slidinėjimo Akademija“, you have accepted our Terms and Conditions.

o Before skiing or snowboarding on a „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ slope, you or any person to whom you pass on a Voucher must sign our Disclaimer Form, the purpose of which is to ensure that you acknowledge the risks inherent in the sport of skiing or snowboarding.

2. Definitions

Booking. The scheduling of a Slot into a Session on one of our slopes.

Customer. Either a Purchaser or a Participant depending upon the circumstances.

Purchaser. The person or body that purchases, i.e. pays for, a „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ Product or Voucher.

Participant. The person who is given the use of a Voucher by the

Customer. This person may be the Purchaser.

Session. A „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ Session is the overall period of your booking, normally one hour, excluding the time before and after your Session has run its course.

Slope Time. The length of time within any one Session that a Customer will be on the slope. Note: during a Customer’s Slope time, he/she may not be skiing or snowboarding for the entirety of that time. For example, a skier or snowboarder may be taking instruction from the instructor; or a Customer may have fallen over necessitating the slope to have been stopped.

„Slidinėjimo Akademija“ Product. A product sold by „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ as set out on its website – „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ – from time to time.

Slot. During a „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ Session, there will be a number of Participants. Each utilises or occupies a Slot within that Session.

Voucher. A document with a unique reference, whether in hard copy form or electronic, which entitles its owner or holder to a Slot within a „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ Session, subject to availability and prior to the Voucher’s expiry date.

3. Prices

o The prices displayed on our website are correct to the best of our knowledge and maintained on a daily basis. Prices of „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ Products or Vouchers may vary throughout the year. In the event of a purchase being made against an accidentally incorrect price, we will endeavour to inform the Purchaser of the error within 7 days of the purchase being made. We will allow the Purchaser either to cancel the Booking or choose to pay the additional difference in price. Vouchers and purchases from external voucher providers may vary, „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ shall not be held responsible for purchases or the prices displayed on external websites and other gift experience companies.

4. Availability

o All „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ Products are offered subject to the availability of dates, equipment, facilities and instructors. Bookings should be made as far in advance as possible especially during peak times. We suggest if you plan to book a Session or purchase a Voucher for a date at short notice, you call us to ensure there is still availability before completing the transaction. You should not make any travel or accommodation arrangements in connection with the course or Session until you have received your booking confirmation with a date and time on it from „Slidinėjimo Akademija“. Where specific elements of the experience such as equipment are not available due to mechanical breakdown, we reserve the right to make reasonable substitutions on the day. If this is not possible we reserve the right to cancel the Session at short notice.

5. Duration and Time

o The time of your Session is a guide time only. There is no guarantee that you will start or complete your Session at the exact time given on your booking confirmation. However, we try to stick to these times as closely as possible. Please allow plenty of time at the centre and we recommend a minimum of 1½ hours for every hour of Session. Where the duration of a Session is mentioned on our website and/or other marketing material or by a member of our staff, this is an approximate guide to the length of time you should expect to be at the centre. The duration may vary slightly from venue to venue. When you are taking the Session as part of a group there may be some waiting time involved.

6. Descriptions & Images

o All descriptions contained on our website and in our marketing material are correct at the time of going to press but may vary in reality. Descriptions may be updated throughout the year. The images used in all promotional literature to illustrate „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ Products, particularly those that take place at more than one location, are used as an indication only. „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ shall not be responsible for the descriptions and images of external websites and gift experience companies.

7. Safety

o We ask you to leave plenty of time to get to the „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ centre. All of the Sessions we offer require registration, safety briefing and a certain amount of preparation. It is essential that the Participant attends registration otherwise he/she will not be able to participate. No alcohol or drugs can be consumed before any of the Sessions we offer. Our instructors reserve the right to refuse to admit a Participant to a Session if he/she is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs without specific reason given. Each venue employs professional instructors who reserve the right to end a Session or offer alternative tuition if they believe the Participant may endanger themselves or other Participants.

8. Booking Confirmations

o „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ booking confirmations can be delivered by email to the email address entered by the person making the booking. Be aware that some email accounts may categorise our email confirmations as unwanted or ‘spam’ email. To avoid this please add our email address info@slidinejimoakademija.lt to your address book. „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ is not liable or responsible for any loss suffered as a result of an email voucher being blocked by web filters or firewalls. If the recipient does not receive the email voucher, please contact us immediately to send confirmations to an alternative email address.

9. Liability

o In the absence of negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation, neither „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ nor its employees or agents shall be responsible for the death, personal injury or illness of any guest whilst on „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ premises. Neither „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ nor its employees or agents shall be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to valuables or any personal property that belongs to any guest whilst on „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ property.

10. Anti-social behaviour

o We will not accept anti-social behaviour in our ski centres nor on our slopes. If any Customer is abusive to any other Customer or a member of our staff, „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ reserves the right to remove the offending person from our premises without any refund. In case of (Criminal) damages or verbal abuse or any threats the police shall always be alarmed. We also reserve the right to refuse access to the ski slopes if any person is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or any limiting or banned substance. Parents are responsible for their underaged children at all times and should keep them under their control.

11. Medical condition

o It is not the responsibility of „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ to know whether or not a Participant is medically fit and able to ski or snowboard. It is the responsibility of the Purchaser and/or the Participant to confirm that he/she is so fit and able. If in doubt, the Participant must discuss his/her condition with a member of the „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ staff and their own doctor. In the absence of negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation by „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ or its staff, the Company nor its employees shall be responsible for the death, personal injury or illness of any Participant while on „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ premises or as a result of partaking in a „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ Session.

12. Photography

o In the event of photographs or video footage being taken of a Session or other activities in the Premises, „Slidinėjimo akademija“ reserves the right to use these images, for example for marketing purposes, in social media etc., and with accepting these Terms and Conditions the Customer gives his prior and express permission of the person to be showed, including his guests, family members or other accompanying persons. All the persons which are inside the Premises of „Slidinėjimo akademija“ are aware of the fact that they are in public place and no privacy guarantees are given or applicable to them.

13. Conduct of a „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ Session

o The „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ski – snowboard slopes normally provide for a maximum number of 3-4 adukt skiers or 2-3 adult snowboarders at any one time. Children can be present on the track in greater numbers, depending on the instructors experience, excersises and choice.

o Except in the event of a private hire of a slope, skiers and snowboarders will normally not be allowed on the slope at the same time.

o In any one Session, Participants are normally divided into 2 groups with each group having approximately 30 minutes of Slope Time. Slope Time may be divided into 2 periods of 15 minutes or 3 periods of 10 minutes or a combination making up approximately 30 minutes.

o Prior to a Session, the „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ instructor will meet with each Participant and make sure that he/she understands what that person’s objectives are for the upcoming Session. „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ endeavours to ensure that all Participants skiing / snowboarding together within a Session are reasonably compatible as to age and proficiency but Purchasers and Participants must accept that there will be occasions when the comparability of Participants on the slope at the same time may not be perfect.

o Following a Session, the „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ instructor should summarise the progress made by the Participant and agree what proficiency level that Participant has reached. The instructor will also advise what additional steps could be taken by the Participant to achieve his/her objectives.

14. Booking of ski – snowboard Sessions

o All ski or snowboard Sessions must have been paid for in advance. You will not be allowed to ski or snowboard without having paid in full unless expressly stated otherwise by „Slidinėjimo Akademija“.

o No person will be allowed to ski or snowboard without having agreed to the Company’s Terms & Conditions and having signed a Disclaimer Form. All mandatory fields on the Disclaimer Form must have been completed. In the case of a skier or snowboarder under the age of 18 years, the Disclaimer Form must be signed by that person’s parent, guardian or a person responsible for the time being of that child in presence of one of the members of „Slidinėjimo Akademija“.

o All prices include the use of skis or snowboard and boots. Participants may use their own boots but they are required to use the skis or snowboards provided by „Slidinėjimo Akademija“.

o Helmets must be worn by any child under the age of 18. For any person of older age, „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ strongly recommends the wearing of a helmet but it is not mandatory. Persons who decide not to wear a helmet accept that any injury caused by the lack of a helmet being worn is entirely their own responsibility.

o Any purchase of a Slot which is not immediately scheduled to a specific Session will be issued in the form of a Voucher which will show a unique reference and a clearly stated expiry date. Vouchers are usually issued with an expiry date 9 months from the date of issue. However, in certain circumstances, „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ reserves the right to vary this period. All Vouchers must be used prior to that date or they will be forfeited. „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ may offer to extend the voucher valid period through the payment of an extension fee, the price of which is shown on our website.

15. Advance bookings

o Advanced booking is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment. In making multiple advance bookings, a Customer needs to be aware of his/her potential to progress in terms of his/her proficiency. It is a key aim of „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ that Participants in a Group within a Session should be of a similar proficiency. In making forward bookings in a „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ centre or on the telephone, a progression assumption can be made through discussion and/or with knowledge of the Participant’s capabilities. In this circumstance, „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ reserves the right to be the final arbiter. When making a forward booking through „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ online booking system (if available), an assumption of progression of 1 Level after every 2 Sessions is made. „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ advises Customers not to make more than 3 forward bookings at any one time.

o In the event that a Participant progresses to a higher Level more quickly than was anticipated, it is then the responsibility of the Participant to decide whether to change Session to one which now matches his proficiency level. „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ accepts Participants of a higher proficiency may join a Group of a lower Level on the understanding that that Group will be taught at its designated Level. If the Participant decides he/she wishes to move to another Group of his now achieved proficiency, then the Participant accepts the risk that there may not be an available suitable Session at a time of his choosing. In the event of such a change of booking being made, „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ will not impose a Change charge.

o In the event that the Participant progresses more slowly than has been anticipated when making forward bookings, „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ reserves the right to move the Participant to a Session of the right Proficiency Level. In this event, the Participant accepts that „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ has the right to make such a change and that it might not be easy to find a new Session that is convenient for him/her. In the event of such a change of booking being made, „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ will not impose a Change charge.

16. Discounted products & vouchers

o Any purchases of Sessions, Slots or Vouchers at the discounted “child’s” price may only be used by persons of the designated age. Likewise, any purchases of Sessions, Slots or Vouchers at “off peak” prices may only be used during those times designated as such by the Company. Conversely, Sessions, Slots or Vouchers purchased at the adult price may be used by a child; and a Session, Slot or Voucher purchased for “any time” may be used in off peak times. Off peak times will be stated on our website: „Slidinėjimo Akademija“. o Please note that special offers may not be used in conjunction with any other special offer or discount. o With regard to vouchers sold through third party agencies, such as LaisvalaikioDovanos.lt, the holder of such vouchers must present the original voucher from the said agency printed out in order for it to be exchanged for a valid „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ Voucher.

17. Refunds, changes or cancellations

Cancellation or amendment initiated by Customer:

17.1 „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ will refund the cost of any Session, Slot or Voucher purchased directly from „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ within 7 days of purchase minus a 10,00€ + VAT administration fee. After 7 days no refund will be available.

17.2 Where gift vouchers have been bought from external providers and a Booking has been made, no refunds will be given and Voucher validity will be lost for any cancellations.

17.3 Should you need to cancel or re-schedule a Booking you have already made, after 7 days of booking, a 10,00€ + vat per person re-booking fee will apply.

17.4 For Participants failing to turn up to a Session, „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ will not accept a rescheduling of that Booking; and no refunds will be given and Voucher validity will be lost.

17.5 For any Booking made or Voucher purchased, „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ will agree to reschedule a Booking if notice of cancellation is received at least 48 hours in advance. In this event, „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ will either immediately reschedule the Slot or issue a Voucher for future redemption to the same value and conditions as that for the original Booking. Cancellation fee: 24 hours or more before the start of the session, 50%, less than 24 hours before the start of a session, 100%. Clients that do not show up for reserved times may be put on a blacklist and may be refused to reserve time without pre-payment or be refused altogether.

17.6 For parties, corporate, school or group bookings of more than 10 people, a minimum of two week’s notice is required to cancel or amend a Booking. After this time, no refunds or transfers will be permitted.

17.7 If, having purchased a „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ Product and after the 7 day period referred to in clause 17.1, a Purchaser wishes to change that Product for another Product, this can be effected. However, there may be an additional charge payable for doing so, this being in line with these Terms & Conditions and/or our published prices.

Cancellation or amendment by „Slidinėjimo Akademija“:

• „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ reserves the right to cancel or change a Participant’s Booking if there are insufficient numbers booked for the relevant Session. „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ will never implement this condition without giving the Participant at least two clear days’ notice. In the event of a cancellation of the Booking, as opposed to a re-scheduling of it, „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ will refund the full value of the Slot to the Participant but will not accept any additional costs incurred.

• If for any reason, „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ is unable to provide the service promised for reasons beyond its reasonable control, it will endeavour to re-arrange the Session. We will not, however, accept responsibility for any additional costs that may arise as a result of the situation being beyond our reasonable control.

18. Vouchers – Validity & Extensions

o Each Voucher will show a unique code, which must be quoted when dealing with „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ and which will be used to identify your booking and proof of purchase. Vouchers and the associated references must be kept safely and securely and presented to „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ on the day of your experience. Please check your expiry date. You must book and complete your Session prior to the expiry date on your Voucher. We reserve the right to refuse Participants who turn up without a valid Voucher.

o Failure to produce a valid Voucher on the day of your Session means that full payment will be required to cover the cost of the Session before you will be allowed to proceed with registration. This payment will be refunded on receipt of a valid Voucher in the post alongside a completed deposit refund form within 28 days of your Session date. o „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ will take no responsibility for any loss you may incur as a result of impersonation or identity fraud.

o A Voucher will be deemed to be invalid if it is out of date unless you have written prior agreement from „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ or an external provider (the validity date is clearly stated on the Voucher).

o In the case that you are unable to book and complete a Session before the expiry date on your Voucher, „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ will extend the Voucher for 6 months upon the Customer paying an administration fee of 10,00€ + vat. Customers are required to submit a Voucher Extension Form and the original gift Voucher by post to „Slidinėjimo Akademija“. The 10,00€ + vat administration fee must be paid prior to receiving a Voucher Extension Form. Vouchers can only be extended if they are still within the expiry date when received by „Slidinėjimo Akademija“.

o Vouchers can only be extended once from the original Voucher expiry date. Where a gift voucher has been purchased by a third party the above terms and conditions will apply, and once extended the Voucher will become non-refundable. All gift Vouchers purchased directly from „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ are non-refundable after 7 days of purchase. „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ strongly recommends that all Sessions are booked as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

o „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ accepts no responsibility for any lost or stolen Vouchers; any lost or stolen Voucher will not be replaced.

19. Travelling and arriving at „Slidinėjimo Akademija“

o Please leave plenty of time for your journey to „Slidinėjimo Akademija“. We strongly recommend arriving at the reception desk at least 20 minutes prior to your Session start time to allow adequate time to collect your equipment and discuss your Session objectives with your instructor. During busy periods and holidays, you may need to allow more time.

o If you are late for your Session start time, this may impact your Session duration and in particular the amount of Slope Time available to you. If you are not ready at the start of the Session, you may be refused admission.

o „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ reserves the right to refuse admission to a Session if the Participant is more than 15 minutes late. Please note that in this event no refunds or transfers will be allowed.

o Please check all traffic reports before your journey to „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ as we cannot be held responsible for late arrivals due to being delayed by traffic.

o If arriving for your first Session, please plan your travel such that you would arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of your Session.

20. Clothing

o During your Session, we advise you to wear a long sleeved lightweight top and loose fitting trousers. Some people like to wear gloves in case they fall on the carpet. In order for your feet to fit ski boots as snuggly as possible, you are advised to wear long smooth lightweight socks. In cold winter months, you may wish to wear warmer clothes.

21. Lost Property

o For lost property enquiries please contact +370 682 29 991. If your item is found, items will be held for a maximum period of one month. After this time, if the item remains unclaimed, the item will be donated to charity or disposed of. „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ accepts no responsibility for returning items to you, or for any items of lost property that remain unclaimed within this timeframe.

22. Slope Policies

o If you have an existing medical condition which you think may affect your safety while skiing or snowboarding, please seek proper medical advice before visiting „Slidinėjimo Akademija“.

o When using the slope, please obey all signage.

o When being around the Slope area please do not step onto the slope, the machione or the area around the slope unless invited to by the Instructor.

o Keep an eye out for children.

o „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ reserves the right to change the slope policies from time to time.

23. Special Offers

o The following terms and conditions apply to all „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ offers and promotions:

• All offers are subject to availability.

• Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.

• Standard „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ terms and conditions also apply.

• No cash alternative is offered.

• Cash value of Vouchers is 0.01€.

• „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ reserves the right to withdraw any offer at any time.

• Only one special offer per guest per visit will be accepted.

• Timing restrictions may apply; please contact us for more information.

24. Trampline, Slide or any other services present on the premises;

o The use of the trampoline at the „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ is subject to the following terms and conditions:

• The use of the trampoline by any person, whether a „Slidinėjimo Akademija“ Customer or guest, must be with the prior permission of the Manager then present.

• Any payment required for the use of the trampoline must have been made before use commences.

• A form acknowledging the risks of using a trampoline and agreeing to the terms and conditions of use must have been signed prior to using the trampoline.

• Absence of any service is no ground for refusal to proceed with a planned and paid for Session.

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