Our revolving, fully adjustable slopes replicate a real piste. Covered with a Special Astroturf carpet, they are the fastest and most economical way to learn, train and gain skills.


Who is it for




Whatever your age, it is not too late. If you want to learn how to ski or snowboard, there is no better place than Slidinejimo Akademija. We teach everyone from 5 year old children to adults at any age. Due to the nature of our slopes, instructors are able to provide constant reassurance, feedback and technical advice, rather than having to wait until the bottom of a run with 15 other students.

We can evaluate your skiing technique with video recordings and get you to a great level, faster. The unique facilities at Slidinejimo Akademija, including the support-bar, the low ratio of instructors to students and the controlled conditions means that progression has proved to be considerably faster than on other slopes.






To achieve best results and for lessons to be as productive as possible, we recommend to start skiing lessons when a child is around 6 years old or older, snowboarding lessons – when a child is 16 years old or older. If your child is younger, register for an introductory lesson and, during the lesson, our instructor will determine if your child is ready to learn.

In Slidinejimo akademija, the learning process is always playful: during the lessons we use balls, cones, wheels, so there's never a dull moment! With such practice, the learning process never gets boring, and the improvement is achieved far more faster than while learning on a real mountain.

And, of course, because of our revolving slopes, there are never any lifts or queues, so the children are learning constantly and without any abruptions.





If you have skied or boarded before then there is no better place than Slidinejimo Akademija to fine tune those skills and get ski fit again for the new ski season. Freshen up those skills and be safe and prepared.

Qualified instructors will be by your side at all times, so for the advanced skiers and boarders this means that we are able to constantly assess your skiing and fine tune even the slightest inaccuracies (if any!). The training mirror proves to be invaluable for understanding what the instructor is advising you to do and being able to see how it effects your body position, weight distribution and ultimately your technique.

And of course as it’s a revolving slope, there is no lifts or queues so you are literally continuously skiing/boarding during your session. 

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