Why Slidinėjimo akademija?


1. It's save your time!

The average indoor or outdoor slope in the Baltic States is about 250 meters long. A normal skier can complete this distance in about 30 seconds. If the slope is empty, it could take up to 4 minutes to get back to the top of each slope. Of course, do keep in mind that if one would ski in a group of students the number of personal attention and instruction gets really low.

Effective ski time per hour is thus; 13.3 minutes per hour of skiing (if one is alone on the slopes and not taking lessons in a group).


2. It’s safer!

Being prepared is just good practice and why not avoid long lines at the learning slope with a large group of people you don’t know or sometimes, don’t understand fully. Also, it has been proven that accidents are most frequent with those that hit the slopes without being fully prepared and that people that take lessons before going on holiday are having absolute advantages over those that go unprepared.

Did you know; costs of repatriation after an accident could be as much as 8.000€.


3. It’s considerably cheaper!

You won’t have to worry about booking ski school or wasting your precious holiday days on the nursery slopes – with a little help from Slidinejimo Akademija we will get you straight out into the mountains. You can spread your costs in periods before your holiday allowing you to control your budget whilst getting an edge in preparation.


4. It's fun!

You will meet people in your own city, loving the same things. The social aspect of doing active sports together will be a surprise and a joy. You will enjoy your holiday so much more if you are prepared and perhaps even meet people that will travel with you.

Try it out now!

Whatever the weather, it’s always good to be at Slidinejimo Akademija.


Please take into consideration the following:

• Continuous repetition of movement is better to gain expertise, thus stopping every 30 seconds for a 4 minute break is not very effective.

• On an outdoor slope it can happen that a trainer is some distance away from their student and because he is skiing himself he is not looking at the student and has no direct sight on their student, taking it much longer to correct any mistake a student is likely to make.

• Training in a large group leads to less personal attention and a longer time to build up skill.

• Students can not see themselves, and thus cannot adjust their stance or technique immediately.

• On an outside training slope multiple factors inhibit the processing of information, for example, cold weather, unknown (high, scary) surroundings, wind and of course, the snow quality itself. These are just a few things that affect the percentage of information students can process during a lesson. But, especially with young people, over stimulating the brain during lessons is a significant inhibitor to take in new information quickly and mastering a new skill.

• Indoor snow domes are great to teach the snow feeling, and get you back into shape and ready for your holiday. However, there are several reasons why they are not the best to teach you quickly or safely; the slopes are short, and thus effective ski time is limited. Of course, indoor tracks are normally visited by lots of people at the same time, meaning it can be dangerous for learners as they are not custom yet to the rules on a slope. Also, the danger of mixing students and advanced skiers is obvious, the danger lies in the fact there is a discrepancy in speed which could lead to possible accidents.


Now, Slidinejmo Akademija has a lot of advantages:

• All equipment is included in the price. You can take your own shoes if you wish, but in principle everything shall be provided.

• No special clothing required at all. Where your trousers can become a bit wet if you fall, there is no need for warm, thick clothing. You are comfortable without being exposed to the cold or wind.

• It is more difficult to learn on a slope than on snow, because the ski-slope is less forgiving. This is ideal when you transfer to real outdoor snow; as your technique has been perfected indoors you will be able to ski much better outdoors.

• Of course, skiing is a sport and falls will occur. It is important to note that we have automatic controllers in place to monitor if someone falls and the track gradually stops. Of course, the instructor can stop and start the track at any given time.

• We insist all adolescent skiers during lessons wear a helmet, always. We strongly recommend all adult members to do this as well.

• No more than 3 adults per track, per lesson. Our ratio of 1 instructor to 3 students maximum means that you will have plenty of personal attention during your lesson.

• The large full-length mirror extending the width of the entire deck lets you see yourself while you learn and monitor your improvement and stance.

• Our lessons lasts about one hour, each lessons starts with 10 minutes of continuous skiing, alternated with 10 minutes of rest. This is repeated 3 times during one hour (remember, this equals almost 3 hours of skiing on an outdoor slope).

• No waiting in line, no hassle, no lifts. Not waiting in the cold, wind or rain. Just a warm drink and some rest when you wait for your turn.

• During your introduction lesson, all members receive their skill classification level according to the instructor. This is the level we build onwards from to the level you wish to go. You will not be joining other students with different levels of skill, keeping it fun and safe for all and allowing each student to improve his/her skill fast.

• You can plan when you wish to go skiing at your leisure. You book through our staff the time you wish to have your lesson. Busy hours are somewhat more expensive of course, but for each budget there is a time-slot available.

• You can purchase lessons packages with colleagues or family, sharing the costs and lowering the price per lesson.

• Skiing is a physical sport and a full lesson at our slopes will give you a guaranteed work-out. We guarantee you; your legs will hurt! Why not work on your cardio and learn a life-skill at the same time? If you would visit our ski slopes once every two weeks whilst still going to your local sports club every other day, we can safely assume you are a great skier after a year!

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