• The Baltic’s first and state-of-the-art largest revolving carpet ski & snowboard training deck will soon be opened in the heart Vilnius.

• These modern and state-of-the-art slopes offer learners, enthusiasts and professional skiers and snowboarders a personal dynamic instruction program, ideal for both kids and adults of all ability levels from "never-ever" beginners to the highly experienced & advanced.


• Using real skis, ski boots, ski bindings, ski poles, and snowboards and with its variable-speed silicone-coated ultra-wide revolving carpet (like a reverse treadmill), one hour of lesson on our training decks equates to several hours of learning on the mountain without the distractions of cold, crowded slopes, and chairlift lines.

• Training on the revolving carpet has been proven most effective for reinforcing your "muscle memory"* and developing efficient habits and skills to improve your skiing and snowboarding techniques.


*"Muscle Memory" is a term used to describe a learned movement pattern or habit. By performing the same movement pattern repeatedly, more effective nerve muscle connections are made. These new connections repeat more efficiently each time used. Research from motor (movement) learning specialists indicate that repeating the same action 3,000 to 5,000 times or performing a task approximately 30 minutes for a period of 21 days is necessary to create muscle memory. After developing muscle memory, the new action is automatic and can be performed without conscious thought.

• The training deck is "less forgiving" than real soft snow or on snowy days when you can make incorrect skidded turns and get away with it. Any mistakes in your techniques are amplified. This helps to ensure efficient training of good techniques and habits. Perfecting your techniques on the training deck will, ultimately, make you a much better skier or snowboarder on the mountain.

• A large full-length mirror extending the width of the entire deck lets you see while you learn and monitor your improvement. Dressed in casual and comfortable clothing, one lesson on our revolving carpet can accomplish far more than a full day lesson on a real mountain.

• The continuous slope also gives you an intense workout and greatly improves your physical strength and conditioning. When you go on your ski holiday, your training at Slope Infinity will translate into more confidence, increased efficiency, much higher endurance, and less time wasted to help you and your families fully enjoy your total snow vacation experience.


In Aspen, Colorado where you'll find some of the best mountains and snow in the world for skiing and snowboarding, there are several of these revolving carpet training decks that trained the skiers/snowboarders in the morning before the students are taken up the mountain in the afternoon in real snow. The result has been found to be far more effective than training on the mountain alone.


In The Netherlands there are over 50 (!) facilities with these types of 'artificial rolling slopes’. The Dutch National Ski Team includes training on these decks as part of their overall training program.

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